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Our vision

We have a clear vision of who we are and what we offer.

At Sackville Capital, we relentlessly pursue best-in-class performance through agility, connectivity and discipline. We have a shared vision and strong foundations, supported by flexible, long-term capital and trusted value-add partners.

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Our evolution

Seasoned innovators. We have built investment businesses and platforms before.

Our history is defined by our appetite for opportunity and commitment to adding value. We will continue to leverage this mindset and our collective experience, harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit of the business, to evolve and grow in the years ahead.

The journey

Our evolution can be defined in three distinct phases.


2015 – 2018

Sackville Capital began its journey in 2015, initially incubated and subsequently spinning out from one of the leading real estate investment firms in the MENA region.

The initial programme included a core global real estate portfolio that had been accumulated over four decades, alongside a MENA-focused portfolio of public and private equity investments.

The founding team focused on embedding a framework of strong oversight and governance from the outset, providing solid foundations upon which to build Sackville Capital.


2019 – 2022

This early success provided foundations for the firm to operate as a standalone investment business in 2019 and establish what is now Sackville Capital.

Bringing together a specialist team, our London base was chosen to provide access to international investment opportunities and the talent pool required to deliver future growth, as well as a proximity to like-minded institutional investors.

The core mandate during this phase was a single multi-asset, endowment programme, covering public markets, private markets and real assets. The ambition from the outset was always to build beyond this core, expanding the strategy into new and complementary pillars. Sackville Capital also launched its first platform investments, backing two Venture Capital funds as an early investor and a strategic partner providing expertise and connectivity.


2023 – today

In 2023, Sackville Capital moved to the next phase on its journey, refining the core investment strategy to focus on private markets alongside the endowment.

Driven by a conviction that this was where the firm could create the most significant long-term value, this includes a core lower mid-market private equity programme, and a continued focus on platform investments. Endowment oversight will remain a key pillar of the business, building on the foundations laid in prior phases of the journey.

Within private equity, Sackville Capital will now consider new investment opportunities, launching its direct investments strategy, which includes co-investments. In addition to this, the business footprint has also expanded, with the launch of the firm’s second office in Riyadh.

Since inception and throughout its journey, Sackville Capital has maintained an entrepreneurial spirit at its core, combined with a disciplined focus on quality and a collaborative approach to building strategic partnerships.

a building with fire escape stairs
Our ecosystem

Creating value through connectivity.

We provide access to a specialised network and a pathway to global connectivity. This is the cornerstone of our partnership-led approach. To these relationships, we bring our specialist insights and expertise to facilitate investment opportunities and growth.